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Whao! This is the hardest event ever! the Graduation day [Last March 23, 2012] ! This is the time to say good bye to your friends!
When the graduation is going on, I enjoyed all throught out because I don't want to cry specially the end of the event. I don't want to become emotional. 
My Classmates, friends, batchmates, schoolmates they have an Impact in my life, specially in being a high school student. It was all thanks to them that my character inside the campus was developed.

Finally, after four years I graduated in high school!!
All the good and bad memories will be treasured in my heart ! Even when we won't be seeing each 

other so often like before.


After the event, we celebrate the my graduation in DAD'S restaurant ! :)

/ my Mother

My adviser "Ms. Joy" 4th year High School

FAMILY ! :) 

My adviser 'Sir. Aj" 1st & 2nd Year High School . 

My classmates

My Adviser "Ms. Carol" 3rd Year High School

Together with the teachers ..  

at the dad's restaurant together with the four stuff toys.  


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